Seasonal Holiday Music For Businesses

Streaming Holiday Music For Businesses

Businesses love playing Christmas music during the Holiday season.
Our huge Holiday music library makes it special.
Stream Holiday music today at your business.

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Complete Business Music Service + Messaging

Custom Music Channels programmed for you dealership

Affordable and Scalable business music service.

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Music Service For Auto Dealerships

 Background Music & Messaging

Custom business music solutions for the auto industry
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Business Music Service

StoreStreams music service is simple to use.

Background Music plays a critical part in the Auto Dealership marketing mix. Direct Mail Marketing, TV, radio, and even special events all serve their purpose.  So does in-dealership marketing…  Dealers use everything from large banners to music in the show room to engage customers.  It is important to reach all potential customers; including those that walk in through side and back doors of the service department.  The StoreStreams business music service brings the marketing effort into the foreground.

Auto Dealer Radio is a background music solution that mixes the music you want for any location with a collection of YOUR advertisements.  You can suggest a brake special or even tires… What about the new model you just put in your showroom?  Are there any incentives?  The people waiting in the lounge are your most loyal customers.  They could go to a Discount Lube Place, but they come to you.  Seize the opportunity to speak directly to them and use Auto Dealer Radio by StoreStreams.

Why do you NEED StoreStreams in your dealership?

StoreStreams offers retailers a complete scalable music service that is 100% percent legal and legit. It doesn’t matter if you have one location or thousands, StoreStreams has you covered at an affordable price you will love.

  • Increase new sales by keeping customers in dealership longer
  • Increase sales by drawing service department customers in the showroom
  • Increase service department sales through delaer advertisements mixed with music
  • Keeps employees better engaged through music which helps them enjoy their jobs
  • Introduce new services or specials to customers quickly
  • Great soft sell tool

StoreStreams music service offers:

  • A unique music mix built around your business
  • Custom “Read Only” Radio Imaged ID’s
  • Commercials advertising your specials or weekly sales
  • Music you know and love… today and yesterday hit radio
  • Pre-programmed music channels
  • Custom branded music channels
  • Royalty reporting fully licensed music service
  • Web based delivery on any smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Playback media hardware solutions
  • Complete in store audio solutions ” speakers, amps and play out hardware
A broadband internet connection is required




Streaming Music Service Plan Pricing

choose your plan

30 Day Free Trial

Programmed Channels

Web Based Listening Interface

Radio Imaging / Branding


Retail Radio 24/7


per month


25 Pre Programmed Channels

Radio Mixed For You


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

4 Branded Read Only Commercials

Custom Programming


per month


Custom Programmed Channel

8 Branded Read Only Commercials

StoreStreams is a streaming music for business service that is specified for commercial use only.
StoreStreams streaming music service for business is available in US and CanadaStoreStreams commercial music streaming service is only available in the United States and in Canada.

Playback Solutions

Play Back Hardware

storestreams playback on any device

The StoreStreams web service application allows auto dealerships to playback it's service on any PC, Mobile or Tablet device that is internet and media ready capable. Ideal for customers who have Speaker and amp solutions in place and want to recycle an old PC or tablet laying around.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.

Barix Store and Play

The Barix Exstreamer Store & Play plays pre-programmed streaming audio channels from StoreStreams. Supported by an application specific firmware, this product was designed to be used as an In-Store background music receiver. The Barix Exstreamer Store&Play device offers ad insertion, as well as for other use cases that require the playback of scheduled items with Internet radio streaming. Ideal solution for customers who already have their power amp and speakers systems in place.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.


The PMU-60N/120N/240N series mixer-amplifiers provide outstanding value and functionality for installed background music sound applications in a wide variety of commercial installations including: Education, Fitness Centers, Retail, Restaurants & Auto Dealerships. Some  of the system features include six audio inputs, telephone & paging, door chime, 6 audio inputs and multiple I/O XLR, RCA connections.

A StoreStreams account is required with a broadband Internet connection.


StoreStreams now offers integrated digital signage and menu boards with commercial background music. The Scala-certified Android player, from Imperatives, links StoreStreams background music service with your visual messages for a complete audio/visual experience. The dynamic digital signage script will play right on your existing monitor, or one that can be added to your package. The digital signage system comes complete with content creation and full content management.

A StoreStreams & Imperatives account is required with a broadband Internet connection.

On Hold Messaging

Music On Hold
Voice Messages on Hold
Music On Hold

Music On Hold

On Hold Music and Messaging for your Phone System

Your company is not a cookie cutter “elevator music” type of company, so why subject your customers to that ear pollution?  Your On Hold Marketing uses REAL music by the ORIGINAL artists.  Our exclusive marketing relationship with StoreStreams allows us to provide fully licensed music playlists tailored for you.  To that end, some companies might still use a radio station or mp3 player plugged into their phone system.  Some may use an Internet solution like their Spotify account.  There are many hidden and not so hidden dangers in using these methods that are avoided by using Your On Hold Marketing.

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Music On Hold Sample

Voice Messages on Hold

Voice Messages on Hold

On Hold Voice Messages For Your Telephone System

Many companies have existing messages they would like to use, and we allow for easy implementation.  Additionally, we provide copywriting services as well as professional voice recordings for your company. These can easily be mixed in with REAL music by ORIGINAL Artists!

Using voice recordings produced and hosted by StoreStreams allows for you to speak directly to a very interested customer.  They help you upsell and inform your caller.  Additionally, they are more affordable than you thought.  We have easy pricing plans designed to maximize your return on your on hold marketing.

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Voice Message On Hold Sample

Music We Play


Retail background music service for your auto dealership.

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